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Over time, your breasts probably don't look as healthy and attractive as they once did. Gravity, pregnancy, and other factors all conspire to cause sagginess and loss of shape. To get your old body back, consider a breast lift in Ft. Myers. This procedure can correct droopiness, but will not create a larger breast. Combining breast lift with your breast augmentation in Fort Myers is the best approach to create a dramatically improved shape, size, and contour.

After pregnancy or nursing, many women find that their breast appearance is not what they remember. Many times the breast will droop and sag, becoming particularly flat in the upper breast area. A breast lift performed by Dr. Paul Gardner restores a woman's natural shape.

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Breast Lift in Ft. Myers

The breast lift procedure lifts the whole breast by removing excess skin and tightening the underlying breast tissue. With a fairly brief recovery time, breast lift is a procedure many women trust Dr. Gardner to perform to help them restore their breasts. Your original beauty and a renewed satisfaction with your looks awaits. We have many breast lift photos of real patients that we can show you during the consultation.

Your Breast Lift Procedure

Also known as mastopexy, breast lift surgery raises your breast position by removing drooping skin and tissue. To begin this cosmetic surgery procedure for Ft. Myers and Naples women, Dr. Gardner makes an incision around the areola and down along the natural contour of your breast. Short-scar techniques are also available. Excess skin is removed and the underneath of the breast is tightened to create a lifting effect. Often the nipple and areola are positioned higher on your breast to balance out your lifted look. Some scarring will remain after the procedure, though most women find the scars to be an acceptable trade-off for a more youthful, shapely breast appearance.

If you are ready to learn more about restoring your youthful breast appearance and position, Dr. Gardner and his staff are here to help. Request a consultation online or call 239-566-2611 to schedule your appointment.

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