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People have beautiful eyes, but the effects of aging can cause their windows to the soul to be hidden by sagging skin and fat deposits. The solution is upper and lower blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift. Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples residents choose eyelid surgery at Gardner Plastic Surgery to remove the hoods and bags around their eyes, creating a much brighter and lively sparkle.

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Eyelid Surgery in Fort Myers

Dr. Paul Gardner has years of experience performing eyelid surgery. Ft. Myers residents find that as they age, the delicate skin around their eyes begins to droop and wrinkle, often making them look older than they really are. A skilled plastic surgeon is able to subtly resculpt the skin around the eyes to help you look younger, more awake, and more vibrant.

There are actually two types of eyelid surgery procedures. Upper blepharoplasty removes excess skin and bags and recreates the nice natural crease in the upper eye lift. Lower blepharoplasty softens bags and refreshes fullness in the lower eyelids. Many of our eyelid surgery patients from Naples and Ft. Myers choose to have both procedures performed for a complete rejuvenation of the eye area. During your consultation, Dr. Gardner can explain more about these procedures and give you his personal recommendation about how to turn back the clock on your facial appearance.

Your Blepharoplasty Procedure

Blepharoplasty is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. When performing both an upper and lower eyelid surgery procedure, Dr. Gardner makes very small incisions along natural lines of your eyelids, extending to the outer corners of your eyes. Through these incisions, he is able to refresh and lift the contours around the eyes. Recovery is usually quick, with patients returning to normal activities after just a few days and completing their recover in 1 to 2 weeks. The procedure can be complemented by many surgical and medical spa procedures, including laser skin rejuvenation, an endoscopic brow lift, or endoscopic mid face lift in Ft. Myers.

Make the most of your beautiful eyes and show the world how invigorated your feel about life when you choose eyelid surgery. Request a consultation online or call 239-566-2611 to schedule your appointment.

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